Luluna Slings Coral of Vine Traveller

Very recently I played host to the Luluna Fusion Coral of Vine that is currently travelling around North Texas. I love hosting wraps and this was my first experience with Luluna Slings. 
I was impressed with the soft floppiness of the wrap as soon as it was placed in my arms. For a wrap that was rumoured to need some breaking in, it felt as if it had held a magical number of babes even before it was our turn. Seven days to wear and discover seemed … More Luluna Slings Coral of Vine Traveller


365 Project 2017

Last year I decided I would attempt to take a photo every day during 2017. I didn’t quite get there but I did end up with SO MANY great memories captured. Not gunna lie, most of the photos are of my son, but to say he has been one of the biggest factors in our … More 365 Project 2017

BabyWearing Fails

Buckle up. There’s a learning curve ahead. New to babywearing? Thinking about babywearing? I’ve been wrapping since my son was in the womb, he is now 17 months old and I still don’t know what I am doing 99% of the time. Buckle carriers are quick and easy to learn once you find the right … More BabyWearing Fails

Let’s Try: Flipless HJBC (Half Jordan’s Back Carry)

As my son grows older and more independent, my babywearing days grown shorter. Nothing saddens me more than the realization that these days will soon come to an end. My passion for babywearing has not slowed down with the need but rather increased. My stash has grown, my friendships in the babywearing community have grown, … More Let’s Try: Flipless HJBC (Half Jordan’s Back Carry)

Tips for Sending your Carrier Travelling

The day has arrived, a new carrier was delivered; it’s fluff mail! Excitedly you open your package and remark at the beauty of your new carrier. This wonderful and beautiful tool that will help you and your baby achieve and bond. You pour over the directions and care instructions and possibly give your carrier (wrap) a wash, an iron, and give it spin…. … More Tips for Sending your Carrier Travelling