My Son is One

This weekend my son turned one. This milestone is both exciting and bittersweet. My sweet sweet little baby is becoming a little boy and we, as parents, survived our first year in parenthood. I am flooded with emotions of pride, of aleviation, and also sadness. The days are long but the years are short. Time … More My Son is One

Sharing the Wearing – Comparison Review of Soul Wraps and Carriers

I recently chatted in the SOUL family USA facebook group about a few of the SOUL wraps I have and what I like about them. 
So I thought I would post a quick review about the SOUL products I own and what I love about them, and maybe what I love less about them.  … More Sharing the Wearing – Comparison Review of Soul Wraps and Carriers


Trying to work while the child naps. Trying to get the child to nap so you can work. Scheduling work, playdates, and life, trying to build or maintain friendships. Wishing there were more hours in the day, trying to pay attention so you don’t miss his first steps or first anything, working until midnight or … More Mom LYFE

Review: Soul AnoonA

There’s been a lot of buzz in my community about infant to toddler carriers. Soul’s solution to this need, the AnoonA has made a timely appearance in the market place. As a mother of just one, I doubted the benefit of an infant to toddler carrier for my already 10 month old but what I found during my week with AnoonA is that this particular carrier offers such versatility that even at this age, there is lots of room to grow and that the AnoonA could grow with us! … More Review: Soul AnoonA