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Moving Day Approaches!

IMG_1731Boxes line every wall of my home. Small passageways are left for myself, my hubs, and my stressed kitty to travel through. The walls are barren and ready for the next tenement to fill with photos, art, and memories.  We are done renting. For two years we have called this rental house our home and have come here at the end of each day to enjoy each other’s company.
That all ends on Friday when we move into our very own home; our first home.

Two years of renting in the metroplex has shown us that there are plenty of things to love about life in North Texas. We’ve managed to see a Texas Rangers game, a Dallas Mavericks game, hit up one of our favorite bands at South Side Ballroom, and even made a drive to San Antonio to attend one of our favorite game conventions, PAX. All in all, the last two years have proven that the only thing we miss by being in Texas, aside from our friends and family (whom we miss dearly), is shoveling snow, salting walkways, and the beautiful colours that signify the end of summer.

We’ve done a lot of moving and so packing has felt like an eternal struggle that we just can’t seem to get away from. We have boxes among boxes, that have seen the insides of 6 houses or apartments, 4 states and 1 province, and now are providing that service once again. In an utter act of defiance of having to move the same ratty boxes again I plan to come up with some sort of big recycle project for these after this move.  I’m not sure what painting or sculpture type project requires years worth of cardboard boxes, but I’m sure I will come up with something.

We can’t help but wish the actual packing and moving part was already complete  but there’s no denying the thrill of a seemingly end to our gypsy ways. We hope that the new place affords us just as much adventure and perhaps a few more guests.

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