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Moving: The Good, The Bad, and The Other


No Easy Steps
Sometimes life takes some unexpected turns. You work and prepare for something and then a curve ball happens and things aren’t what you thought they would be. This seems to be the case a lot with us. From first meeting, to getting married, to immigration, to wedding, and relocation, we always seem to find ourselves taking the more challenging path, whether intentional or not. It’s always worth it in the end.   This past weekend we moved; that part was expected.
BUT problems arose at every turn that were all beyond our control. We spent some time frustrated, disappointed in others, even mad, but ultimately pushed through and found ourselves in our new home.  I’d go into things more, but I want to wait until we’ve seen out the conclusion of this particular challenge. The important thing is that we’ve moved in and started to shift the boxes about, set up some living areas and take stock of things we want to unpack and things we’d like to purge.



On Food Shopping and Groceries
On our first night here we found ourselves with no food. All of the perishables, well, perished after being in transition longer than expected and we decided to take a trip to the closest grocer. The grocery store is adequate and will do in a pinch but is lacking in a lot of the items we’re used to. first-world-problems Once or twice a month I have been accustomed to having a grocery delivery service, Artizone, bring us some items that I prefer to buy local along side some regular grocery staples. I’d simply select the items I wanted and choose a delivery day and time and voila! I like to buy meats and produce from local vendors, and once in a rare while a special treat from an independent baker.  I was really happy with this service and it wasn’t outrageously priced. This past weekend we moved out of the Artizone delivery area. 15 minutes away, but outside the zone; sadness.  I even used Greenling a while back but they pulled out of the DFW completely which is when I switched to Artizone.
So with our local grocery mart being adequate but not great, and finding ourselves outside the delivery zone, I’m currently in the throws of researching new options.
#firstworldproblems #notreallyaproblem



New Spaces, New Functions, New Joys. 
IMG_20150831_200541_410 (1)
There’s a fun thing that happens when you move all of your belongings to a new space, functions start to change. I’ve got a new personal space to make my own and this is crazy exciting. A home work space that will serve part office – part art studio, and is connected to the open floor plan of our main living space. My mind is a whirl with ideas and inspirations on how to set up and decorate the space once the boxes have been addressed.
Our main living space came together quickly but reminded us that we will need to upgrade to what we deem ‘grown-up’ furniture. The hodge podge of bachelor and bachelorette furniture is functional but we will enjoy building, slowly, over time.
The rest of the house has yet to come together. The next closest to completion is the kitchen and all of my dishes and cooking items are filling the cupboards perfectly.
The one space that came together without any trouble was our back deck. Our patio furniture fit out there like it was meant to be there and the barbeque is ready for use this coming Labour Day weekend. Tonight I sat outside and watched the sunset and it was amazing; not the sunset itself but the moment I was able to take to sit and let the worries of the day flee. It was a moment in which I was able to appreciate the journey that we’re on. I appreciate all the hard work that we’ve put in and all of the uneven, challenging, steps it has taken to get here. My husband works very hard and we’ve been very fortunate. If it takes a million more steps, no matter how difficult, I know we’ll take them together as best we can.

Tomorrow I think I’ll make a cup of tea to enjoy while the sun sets and I will continue to be thankful.
I think I will try to make this moment of thanks and relaxation a part of my routine.

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