It’s Ours!

I debated long and hard about how much of our first time home buying experience I wanted to share. At the end of the day I’m just going to leave things alone and be thankful that we are on the other side of the process.

So we’re in the house, we own it, and it is now our home  (we’re still expecting the contractor around to complete one fix but it’s not urgent so we’re taking it in stride) and we are very slowly unpacking.

I had a nice surprise the first time I went to do laundry and discovered that the washing machine had not been properly installed and water began to spill out of the utility and into the hallway and kitchen. I was a bit frantic using the only 4 towels I’ve unpacked to sop up the water but after some research, maneuvering, and curse words I had cleaned up the mess and properly installed the washer.


I’ve been enjoying our back yard as often as possible. I am the griller of the two of us and I especially love to sit out back and BBQ dinners with the weather being so nice. It’s really been my favorite spot in the house so far (likely because there aren’t any boxes in the way).

I hung our solar patio lights on the pergola but more lighting will be needed in the long term. I’ve got a few of my flower pots ready for the deck but I’m not really sure what to put there yet. This area gets afternoon direct sun, so it can be pretty hot at times.

The view from our deck is pretty relaxing and nothing beats the sunsets. I’ve also got a prime spot for bird watching and some bird visitors already.  I may need to set up a feeder or something to encourage them to stick around long enough for me to snap some photos.

IMG_1836  Birdie

Inside the house things are much slower moving but hopefully I will have my atelier set-up completed in the coming days and can share a bit of that. I’ve already set up my digital work station, easel, and a table for sculpting. But goodness knows I’m going to need some suggestions on inexpensive storage solutions that look great.

Until then, thanks for reading!

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