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Mums and Roses

doorAs we carefully watch our budget while still trying to make some improvements at home, we headed out today (on a Saturday – what were we thinking?) to look for a few items for our foyer. This also meant a couple of mums for the front porch. Eventually I’d love to get a couple of Adirondack chairs or a bench for under the window, but one thing at a time.
mumsWe weren’t successful in finding what we needed for the entryway on the inside BUT I did grab some mums for my planters.

IMG_2413I’ve never cared for mums before so I will have to do a bit of reading but the colour is perfect for fall and all I need are a few pumpkins and I should be set for now.

I then got out the clippers and started to trim away the front rose bush. It was so overgrown, outta control, and completely obstructing the bedroom window; not anymore!
I’ve never trimmed a rose bush before but it was drowning out all of the other plants so I decided just to cut back as much as I could and see how it fills out so I know what I am up against. I cut it back by about 50% without shaping it and exposed the two plants on either side. The grass in the front looks to be a decorative grass but it’s not doing anyone any favours so I am just going to pull it out next time I have a few hours. The beds still need to be weeded and turned over but it was a good start.

I then went to the rose bushes at the front of the house and was overwhelmed by all of the flowers. The bushes themselves are so overgrown but I just couldn’t bring myself to cut them. Hopefully someone out there will have some tips for me on how to tackle this project. It’s definitely time to research. Heck, if I end up with a few days of cut flowers in the house I certainly wont complain.


So many roses! Where in the heck do I even begin?! It’s all a little overwhelming.


rose visitor

And while I grabbed a few snaps of these pretty roses (two types of roses I think?) I found a little bug visitor.

buggy bug

I have 3 planters for the deck in the back, and two hanging pots that I need to find good sun-loving plants for and I haven’t even started looking at the landscaping along the fence but there is not rush. I’m just taking it all one step (and purchase) at a time.

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