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Case of the Mondays

the-happy-trainYou know those days, the kind where everyone is driving you crazy through no fault of their own? You’re extremely irritable and for no major reason in particular. Today was that day for me. When I got home I still had, and do have, more things to do than time to do them in (part of the reason for the quick and short entry today).
Floating outside myself and seeing how grumpy I was while driving home I decided that I wasn’t going to try and hide it but instead acknowledge it and push through.


After being home for a little bit  I decided to do some chicken and veggies on the grill for dinner tonight. I love cooking on the BBQ, I really do. I have a modest little BBQ that is a perfect size for preparing meals for two. When I BBQ I get to sit on the deck, enjoy the fresh air, and take some pictures in the garden in between turns and flips and checks.  Dinner turned out yummy and the asparagus spears were probably my favourite. I need to find a local farmer’s market still so these just came from the grocer. asparagus


On Sunday night I attempted to make a cheesecake for the first time. I started late in the day so I knew it was going to sit in the fridge overnight and all day until dinner today. I read about two million cheesecake recipes with varying reviews and opinions about what would work the best and in the end, I took some snips from a couple of recipes and combined them to suit our tastes and ingredients.
When I got home from work today, before grilling up dinner, I made the strawberry topping, topped the cake and stuck it back into the fridge until later. (I’m really proud of the fact that it turned out!)
While I was prepping food and removing myself from the grump that had a hold of me today, my husband fluttered around watching cartoons, cracking jokes, and making me laugh.

By the time we had finished our dinner and dessert the frustrations of the day were fading away. I’m so lucky to have someone so dear to me that makes me smile when I need it. I am glad I can make these special treats now and then to show him how grateful I am (cheesecake is one of his favourites).

It’s an extra push on the treadmill for me tomorrow, but I won’t tell if you don’t. 😉


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