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Fall Wreath – Quick and Easy


I knew I needed a wreath for the door. Something wasn’t balanced after placing my mums by the columns last week. I knew that I had some fall-coloured fake plants in one of my craft bins but I didn’t know whether or not the grapevine wreath that I picked up or the burlap ribbon I also had in storage would all come together. Luckily for me it did all come together and it was so quick and easy (perhaps a little sloppy) and did absolutely what I needed it to do.

Here’s what I used:

  • 1 plain grapevine wreath (approximately 22 inches) 9.99 at Michaels.
  • 1 roll of burlap ribbon, I’d guess it to be about 6 inches wide.
  • 3 bunches of fall coloured (fake) plants.
  • 1/4 of a roll (if that) of floral wire.
  • 1 no-damage hanging hook.


Here are the steps I took:
I first laid the wreath on the kitchen table and laid out the flowers and other materials.
I then cut apart the fake plants until the pieces were in proportion for the wreath.
I then arranged the plants around the wreath until I found a configuration that looked decent.
I then removed those plants, keeping in mind my selected composition for later.
I wrapped the burlap around the wreath, twisting in the back to keep the burlap from laying flat.
I replaced the plants in the configuration that I like and then cut a number of lengths of wire.
I wove the wire around the plants and the wreath, twisting to close the ends of wire.

That was it. 

Since I did this late at night, I put the whole thing together in about 15 minutes. The wire shows but with a little more consideration, you could easily hide the wire or even use a hot glue gun to attach your items (or a combination of both).

image  image

The next day I picked up a non-damage hanging hook from Walgreens and placed it on the door (I wish they came in black).
And voila, balance has been restored to the front of our house in a seasonally appropriate way.
Because I didn’t hot glue anything I could easily take this apart and reuse the grapevine wreath for something a bit more Christmas-y when the time comes, or I can choose to build on this foundation next year but I quite like how it all turned out.

wreath wreathdeet1 wreathdeet2

2 thoughts on “Fall Wreath – Quick and Easy”

    1. Ah thank you so much! I’m sure you could have too. Next time I do something DIY I’ll try to capture the steps, they are always useful hen trying something for the first time. 😀


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