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My Texas -Mommy- Life



There I was typing away at my NANOWRIMO story. I was creating characters I liked, taking them on an adventure I enjoyed when it hit me; exhaustion.  I laid down for a nap that afternoon and I’ve been asleep ever since.  Okay maybe not literally, I have been getting to work and social obligations but I have been so fatigued that I had to abandon all extra curricular activities for the next few months.

What was wrong with me? You might be asking. Was it anemia? A problem with my thyroid perhaps? Maybe it’s an eating disorder?  Nope, turns out I’m pregnant!  It was a little hard to believe at first (more on that another day), but suffice it to say, three months later and I find myself about to exit the first trimester with a hint of energy returning. A glimmer of hope.

Husband and I are very excited with this new development and all of the excellent care we’ve gotten thus far. We’re happy that the secret is out and people are happy for and with us. We’ve got a lot to learn but we’re going to enjoy every step of the way.  A Texas baby? One girl from Ontario and one boy from Connecticut with a potentially twangy accented little one who may be into rodeos and cowboy boots and all things lone star?! It’s going to be quite an adventure. Our network of friends and family are at a distance so we will have to start to look for in-state for services and groups to help us figure this all out but I just know this is all going to be great!

We are still snuggly in the “OMG” phase and looking forward to the next phase, whatever that may entail.


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