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Goodbye My Friend.

Only a few short days ago I wrote about how difficult it was to watch my beloved friend age.
As it turned out, i only had a few days left to enjoy her purrs before she would be gone.

In my current grief I am unable to expand on my final day with Dez, but suffice it to say she took an unexpectedly rapid decline on Friday and within 10 hours she was gone.
It hurts so much. I just want my friend back. I am overcome with guilt, with sadness, and loneliness.  I miss my friend.  I miss her more than I ever could have imagined and the tears won’t stop.

I hope that I am able to learn how to cope with this hole in my heart and the emptiness in my life and my lap, but right now I’m not sure how.

I am at a loss without my dear, sweet (and mouthy) Desdemona.


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