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BlueBonnets – It’s a Texas Thing!

Until I read an article about the tradition of bluebonnet pictures in Texas, I was not even remotely seeking out bluebonnets. But suddenly droves of families were posting across social media talking about the safest and ‘best’ place to take the family or pets for pictures; a field here, a pasture there, a side of the road – beautiful but not to be tampered with- and so on.
Like a teenager being peer pressured into her first sip of beer, suddenly I wanted to participate too. Twenty or thirty years from now when my son asks to see his baby bluebonnet photo the response “EH, I didn’t do one” just seemed lack luster coming from my future self.
So I set out. I followed sightings of bluebonnets, joined local community groups to inquire about favourite spots, and I trenched out to four different locations for photos of my son and some of his friends.

I may be new to Texas but one thing I have stood by since moving here, Texas pride is infectious. I’m proud that we participated in this age old tradition and that we have these precious images of our little Texan among the iconic state flower. I can’t wait to find out what other “Texas” traditions our family will discover!

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