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He’s only a baby for a short while.

I’m fully aware of just how quickly time flies by.

There’s a poem, or life lesson, or “inspirational” thingy floating around the internet about cherishing the moments with your children because you never know when it might be ‘the last’.
It’s super depressing to read through and I’m pretty sure it’s just designed to make hormonal mommas cry BUT it got me to thinking about my own moments that have ended.

We stopped co sleeping very early on and my son has been sleeping in his own crib in his own bedroom since about two and half months old.  However early in the morning when he was awake and I was in auto pilot – unable to muster up much more than a cuddle – we did just that. We would get up, have a feeding, change a diaper, and then pop into ‘mom and dad’s bed’ for an hour (give or take) of cuddles. We sang songs, we dozed in and out of sleep (safely), and made funny faces at each other. I’m not sure when it was exactly – but there was ‘last morning of cuddles in mommy’s bed’. Sleep got better for baby and subsequently mommy and the need ceased. Baby got mobile and it was no longer a safe arrangement. Sure there are cuddles, there are co-naps but there are no more early morning cuddles.

I love that I had those times with him and I am glad for all the blurry cell phone pictures I may have taken (and the handful of pictures taken with my ‘big girl’ camera too. These moments are gone now, but we’re on to the next phase and I will enjoy that JUST as much for as long as I have it.

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