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Mommy Blogging – Babywearing – Toys- Books- More

I’ve given in. There’s no denying it now, I’ve officially tumbled into ‘mommy blogging’ territory. ¬†Instead of fighting it because of all the negativity and condescension that seems to come with that label, it is time to embrace.

Moving forward you can expect a few things:
1. More posts, more often
2. Reviews on products! (toys, books, learning tools, etc)
3. Experiences with boy momming
4. More baby wearing love! Videos, reviews, and more.
5. Cloth diapering chatter.
6. Arts and DIY mom tools.

AND more, as it seems appropriate.

When I started out ‘’ I wanted it to be all about life in Texas, and you know what – to a certain degree it still is and will be. BUT my Texas life is right now very focused on parenting and parenting in Texas. I’ve never known it anywhere else so sometimes things will seem to apply anywhere, and other times (as in the case of the bluebonnet tradition) it will very obviously be influenced by the lone star state. One thing is for sure, becoming a mom has turned my life on it’s head and I look to other moms for inspiration (as mentioned in previous posts) so I will no longer shy away from these topics.

I’m excited to have recently connected with a babywearing brand and I look forward to expanding on that in the coming months, and I’m also working on illustrating and alphabet book that I hope to make available by the end of summer.

So whatever you do, please stay with me. Let me know if you want to see more or less of a particular kind of content and I will consider your feedback genuinely.
Thank you to those of you who are following along. Your support means the world!

Our first attempt at a double hammock freshwater finish!
Looks like that middle marker could use some work and we would probably enjoy a base +1 a little more for this one.

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