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For the past 6 months  I have participated in 3 crafty swap exchanges with babywearing parents in my area.
Every three months we are assigned a new ‘secret partner’ who we internet stalk, spend some time to make them something we think they will like, wrap it up, get together either close or from afar and cross our fingers and hope they love it.

Well I have LOVED the gifts I have received  and I’ve had a pretty fun time with the gifts I’ve been making too.
This swap group has been a great source of personal satisfaction and forces me to make some time for my creative needs.
I’m sitting out of the next round only because there is a lot on my plate in the next few months, but you can bet your butt I’ll be ready to jump back into the next one!

Gifts received: Trek Tac Toe and earings “Trent” and “Jijicat”


Gifts made by me: Soap, sleep mask, personalized mug and bag, watercolor painting.

Gift made for me: Poncho (good for babywearing!) Dragon stuffie. Not shown: Tic tac toe satchel (I really need to snap a photo of it).

Gifts made for me: Gift bag, tea matt, stitched tea cup, painted slice Not shown: Lap board and photographer’s mug.

Gift from me: Patronus (doe) watercolor, Fry and Leela planters.


Gift from me: Portrait of partner’s daughter, personalized canvas, infuser necklaces.

I love connecting with talented artsy people.

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