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Dreamland Soft Soul

I’m so in love with the Dreamland print that Soul and Smartbottoms have created.
In addition to the Day Bag, which I will talk more about soon (spoiler: I LOVE it), we also got a pair of  Soft Souls. Let me tell you, ‘SOFT’ is an understatement. These little shoes are so soft they are dreamy! They are sturdy, cushy, and I wish they were in my size.

Sadly though, neither myself nor my son will get to enjoy these amazing shoes. At least not now. 
See my son suffers from chubby baby foot syndrome* wherein his feet are too adorably chubby for shoes; this has been an issue from the get go. Shoes just do not fit my son and soft souls were no different. I ordered a size up in the hopes that his feet will thin out a little before they get too long for the shoes, but I can’t be sure. For now they will go back into their bag and onto the shelf and we will continue to try them on every so often in the hopes that they will one day fit him and hopefully for more than a day.

Something tells me that as soon as the little guy starts walking around the house, beyond the edge of the furniture, his cute little chubby clubs will start to fit into all kinds of shoes including these amazing soft soul dreamlands.  At least I hope so!

*not a real syndrome.*  

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