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Places to Play

We are on the hunt in North Texas!

It’s summer time which means we are on the hunt for places to play this summer. Indoor play, splash pads, shaded parks, etc.

With my little guy quickly approaching the big O dash N dash E, there are many places that will start charging for play.

One such place, The Coop, in Frisco was an accidental discovery.  While a great place for the kiddos to play, my guy was just a bit too young for the ball pit, much too young for the slide and not able to keep the other kids from taking his toys.
*this is also a new lesson for me on how respond to other people’s children in shared space situations*

There are a few really wonderful parks close by but despite all the amazing equipment they are often very very hot if we aren’t there first thing in the morning; and let’s face it – we rarely are.

So we’re on the hunt for some summer friendly locations to spend our summer. Being the organizer that I am, I will likely start a list of places we go and what we may like or not like about them. This will help me tremendously in the coming years because I already have enough to remember without that mental log.

So off we go on our summer adventure through North Dallas, Denton, Frisco, Little Elm, Highland Village, Flower Mound, and other surrounding areas, to start a play journal and have lots of fun in the process.

How did you come to find your favourite play location? What makes it special to you?



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