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Sharing the Wearing – Comparison Review of Soul Wraps and Carriers

I’ve had such fun sharing my passion for babywearing since I first discovered it while pregnant with my little guy.
I’ve joined babywearing groups, attended playdates, been to social functions while wearing and been able to try all kinds of carriers and carries.
As a soulmate I have had the chance to connect with other passionate babywearers and expand my circle of mommy friends and learn all kinds of new tips and tricks for wrapping and mom-ing in general.

I recently chatted in the SOUL family USA facebook group about a few of the SOUL wraps I have and what I like about them.
So I thought I would post a quick review about the SOUL products I own and what I love about them, and maybe what I love less about them.

Firstly let’s talk about the first SOUL wrap I ever used, the jacquard Jade Maze. This wrap is so soft and cushy.


It’s beautiful and thick and toddler worthy right out of the package. It didn’t feel particularly floppy so we gave it a good wash, iron, and wore the heck out of it. This wrap is a base +1 for me which I believe is quickly becoming my new base as both my baby and myself change so there was a bit more tails than I am used to . We wore this wrap to our local baby fair/model search ina  Ruck TT and we sure did get a lot of  smiles and some questions.  We have taken it on a picnic, worn it around the neighborhood, and worn this one shopping.
The Pros: My kiddo stayed put and was comfy the whole day. The wrap was soft, not diggy, and there was no opportunity for little man to wiggle free.
The cons: it was warm. Even inside in the air conditioning this wrap trapped the heat between my little furnace and myself and got us nice and toasty. Because this wrap is so cushy and in a base +1 this was a lot of wrap to be carrying out and about, especially when little one wanted up and down.
As a beginner wrapper I LOVE how stable this wrap is. Once the cooler temps arrive it will definitely make its way back into regular rotation.

Let’s talk Onbuhimo. I had a feeling long ago that the onbuhimo style carrier was going to be something I really enjoyed and boy was I right. Our SOUL linen Ruby Onbuhimo is an absolute lifesaver when out and about. It arrived to me floppy and soft and ready to wear. I really don’t prefer something around my waist which is why I try to do finishes that don’t put added pressure on the mom fluff and why I gravitate to wraps over SSC.
The pros: Waistless comfort, light and airy linen (especially in Texas heat), small and compact this carrier stays in the car as our default store run carrier right now, the colour is deep and beautiful, it’s quick to put on and take off, ample shoulder padding, high and secure carry for my little guy to be able to see well, and a matching SOUL sunhat makes it look adorable.
The cons: It has taken my short little man forever to grow into the wide panel. If he is EXACTLY centered this carrier fits him well but the slightest off-centering and one of his legs becomes over extended. An ability to cinch or even just a couple of sized for the onbuhimo would make this carrier absolutely unbeatable.  We LOVE our onbuhimo and it is currently one of our favorite ways to get around.

Next we can talk about our Linen wrap, the beautiful Starling. I was absolutely shocked how thin and slippery this wrap seemed out of the box. I have doubted starling time and time again because of how thin it actually is BUT it never lets me down. As you can see in the video, once secured starling can stand up to even the most determined seat poppers.  This wrap does require more careful adjusting because it does glide so easily it requires a well secured pass, or more than one pass if possible. This wrap is in my base size (or base -1 with a growing little one and mom) and once washed and ironed it was perfectly soft and floppy.

The Pros: Soul’s linen Starling is SO pretty. It’s ultra light, thin, airy, perfect for hot weather; it glides well, it washes and irons with ease, and it is absolutely affordable.  The cons: This wrap is wrinkle prone, especially if you tend to favor one particular carry, therefore it is likely susceptible to permawrinkles if not cared for. It is a little too slippery in some cases and may require an extra pass to feel secure.



Lastly let’s chat a little bit about one of Soul’s handwoven lines, PRISM. My Prism Fresh is in a base size and in terms of thickness falls

squarely between the jacquard and the linen. It’s thinner than the cotton, thicker than the linen, but is light and airy and also provides great grip. It has a cascade of beautiful striped colours which makes it easy for a beginner like me to quickly and easily grab the correct rail for tightening and passes. I thought that Prism felt a little scratchy but after a wash and iron this wrap was anything but. I knew I loved Prism right away because I stayed up way too late in order to wash and iron and have it ready for playdates the next morning. Since I have gotten her she has held a number of babies by a number of mommies and has even been an introductory wrap to a new-to-babywearing mom. I love the colors of this wrap and have yet to find the right photo to do it proper justice.
It arrived a few days before a scheduled babywearing photoshoot that eventually was cancelled but it was ready to make me look my best while keeping my little man close. Our second attempt at a double hammock carry (and most successful attempt to date) occurred in the prism and I’m sure she will help us along with many other carries and challenges. Along side our onbuhimo, prism is getting all the love right now.
Pros: thin, airy, beautiful, affordable, grippy, and great for beginners, there is a lot going for Soul’s handwoven PRISM wrap.  Cons: Only available in up to size 6.



Now I will add that I did have a travelling AnoonA for a while but a very comprehensive review can already be found on the site for that product so the only other thing I will add is how much fun I had taking it to playdates and how anxious I am to find out how other moms and babies are enjoying the lapis AnoonA.

And there you have it; a quick comparison review of all of the soul products i have tried or own. Soul has been an absolutely wonderful company to work with in sharing a passion for babywearing within my community and online. They have exciting new things to announce frequently (such as their new handwoven SUMAC available up to size 9) and they do an excellent job of making themselves accessible and available to their community.  I’ve been very happy with everything I have tried so far. I have no doubts that there is a SOUL carrier out there to suit any need.

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