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This one is going to take me a while. With a 15 month old at home, holidays ahead, and work to do, there are just not enough hours in the day.
Progress however, is happening.

Sagma arrived in typical fashion, she was well dressed, her hair pulled back. She wore a deep purple scarf about her head and a flowing coat. She wore elaborate but inexpensive jewellry and held herself with elegance and grace.  She sauntered in delicately and motioned towards Namtar as she approached. Namtar stood and gave her mother a hug.
“It’s so good to see you mother” she said.
“Oh yes dear” she responded while sitting.  “Tell me, have you been waiting for me long?” Sagma looked around and as she did she took her glasses off and let them dangle around her  neck from a beautifully detailed crystal chain.
“Not at all. I came after my jog to enjoy some tea and sunshine”
Sagma nodded and motioned for the wait staff. “Water please” she said stoically. A screen on the roboto server flashed with images of various water. Water with ice, Water with lemon, water with sugar, water with flavour, water with glass, water in a bottle, and so on. Sagma chose the ice water and placed her pocketbook on the table beside her place setting.
“Okay dear, tell me all about work”
“Well, have you been watching any of the newsfeeds?” Namtar asked. Sagma nodded.
“Yes, a little bit.”
Namtar took a look at her mother before she continued. “Well, you may have seen some protesting in front of my work. There’s been some people who are very upset about a project in my department”
“”Oh?! Protestors? Why haven’t the authorities been called? I would think they’d be happy to have a few more people ready for repurposing.”
“well, I’m not sure mom. I think Upper government must have told lower government to hold off. I can’t imagine why or to what end but there’s no other explanation.”
Sagma nodded.   
The women sat quietly for a few moments. Namtar sipped her tea and the server brought Sagma’s ice water which she then proceeded to sip.
“Are you hungry?” Namtar asked
“Perhaps a little. I’ll get a salad” she said to the robotic server who hovered nearby. It zipped over at the mention of food and once again displayed an image list of possible selections.
Sagma made her selection before Namtar entered her request for chorba.
They also entered a time of 15 minutes, indicating how long they wished to wait before the food was brought to them. 

Sagma took her scarf off and leaned in across the table toward Namtar who instinctively leaned in toward her mother in return.

In  a hushed voice Sagma asked “SO, who is he?” and leaned back into her chair with a smug grin. “

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