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Creative Momma

As a creative person by nature I just love making all kinds of things. Discovering all the fun things that I can make for my son has been an awesome epiphany and has allowed me to explore new materials to create with.

My comfort zone is paint and pixels but this past week I began experimenting with beautiful wrap scraps from @soulslings .

The color and patterns lend themselves to so many ideas. I’ve started with a simple stuffed monster just to familiarize myself with the mechanics of sewing and stuffing but I’ve found a new creative outlet!

I love the idea of customizing each character for the child who may enjoy them. I’ve even toyed with the idea of creating monsters based on the drawing of children. My son of course is not quite old enough for drawing but he will be someday. That is a collaboration I am looking forward to a lot.

I can’t wait to perfect this activity, add fun things like hats and hair, or buttons. I plan to try a few things for myself too like a wallet or tote and of course a cute pillow for my kiddo. That is, of I don’t run out of wrap scrap first. 😉

I’ve discovered the need to learn a slip stitch, embroidery floss  requires a myriad of stitch knowledge and that felt eyes are better than buttons for really young ones like my son (nice and soft!)

Do you make wrap scrap creations? What are some of your favorite uses for wraps when the wearing is done?

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