First Try: Rucksack Ring Finish

Sometimes you set out to do a babywearing video and you forget the simple things like pulling your hair up, bribes for your wrapee, reference notes for key points to show…. and SOMETIMES you try something for the first time when your wrapee isn’t feeling well, no one has had much sleep, and you just need some cuddles with your velcro baby while you get stuff done.
This is what the later looks like. This is not a how-to. I have not included captions, it’s just a little look at muscling your way through a new finish of a well known carry when you’re wrapping of necessity.

This worked out really well for us and we were both quite comfortable. We will definitely try this carry again!

The carry: Rucksack Ring Finish
Wrap: SoulSlings Paprika  Base +1

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