Let’s Try: Flipless HJBC (Half Jordan’s Back Carry)

As my son grows older and more independent, my babywearing days grown shorter. Nothing saddens me more than the realization that these days will soon come to an end. My passion for babywearing has not slowed down with the need but rather increased. My stash has grown, my friendships in the babywearing community have grown, and yet my learning continues. Often times I find myself going to the tried tested and quick carries that we know and love. Carries that can be done quickly and effectively are what are in favor with my 17 months old. But I’m still wanting more.
Recently a Soul Slings Imperial Base – 2 wrap came into my collection and I’ve found myself wanting to learn short carries. I’ve consulted with my community about great back carries in a base – 2 or base -3 and the consensus was to work on a flipless HJBC. This is not an easy carry in practice. I’ve watched all the videos, considered all the approaches and found one that suits us. That being said, it’s still a learning curve. I suspect that once I can do it quickly enough my son will begin to tolerate the process. He loves being on my back once he is there. Getting him up needs to be fast and furious as well as tight and secure.
This particular video I will show you took us a few tries. The end result was a little too low for my liking (and his too if we were planning to be out and about), and could definitely use a little bit of work on removing the slack. But as someone in my local babywearing group reminded me “Practice makes progress”.  And it’s true. This doesn’t come easy right away and it sure doesn’t work out every time (more on that tomorrow), but we keep trying, we keep learning, and we keep wearing – for as long as the little one will let me. The days are short and the years even shorter. I enjoy every successful wrap, carry, and snuggle.
So here’s one of our first few tries at the flipless HJBC in a base -2. What are you working on in your babywearing journey right now?


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