BabyWearing Fails

Buckle up. There’s a learning curve ahead.

New to babywearing? Thinking about babywearing?
I’ve been wrapping since my son was in the womb, he is now 17 months old and I still don’t know what I am doing 99% of the time.
Buckle carriers are quick and easy to learn once you find the right fit and learn how to make the right adjustments but there is still learning.
Meh dais, onbuhimos, and the like have a learning curve as well woven wraps and all the various carries that are possible with that.
And let’s not overlook the fact that babywearing as a whole is a challenging thing to learn to do safely and securely. So how is it then that there are so many instructional videos and tutorials of moms and dads and caregivers who all “get it” and make it look so easy? The answer is practice. For every video you see of a quick Ruck TT or Double Hammock, ect, there are countless attempts that failed. In the beginning it’s advised to practice over a soft surface like a bed or sofa. I can tell you from experience that that is advice to heed. You’ll stop, start over, there will be tears (yours and baby’s),  you’ll not want to babywear outside of the house,  you’ll feel like you are failing …. but you’re not. Know that this journey can be a long one. Know that you WILL succeed and that when you finally “nail” that elusive carry or skill (like a superman toss) it’s going to be a great triumph. Take those selfies, share that success, and enjoy the freedom and cuddles that babywearing brings. If you need to, take a step back. Take a deep breath. Take a break for a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks if you need to. Above all remember, every time you see a sleek babywearing video of a carry that’s giving you the runaround, there are countless hours of practice behind it. Keep going. You’ll get there too. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from your babywearing community (often times everyone wants to help you succeed).

Video Featuring SoulSling Meh Dai Emerald

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