Luluna Slings Coral of Vine Traveller

Wrap: Luluna Fusion Coral of Vine
100% combed cotton 4,6 size about 270gsm
Wrapee : 17 month old – 27lbs of spunk.
Wraper: Base size 6

Very recently I played host to the Luluna Fusion Coral of Vine that is currently travelling around North Texas. I love hosting wraps and this was my first experience with Luluna Slings.
I was impressed with the soft floppiness of the wrap as soon as it was placed in my arms. For a wrap that was rumoured to need some breaking in, it felt as if it had held a magical number of babes even before it was our turn. Seven days to wear and discover seemed to go by very quickly which I believe is testament to how much I enjoyed my time with this wrap.
The overall design of the wrap is particularly of interest to me. A mix of dragon and wolf (I love all things dragon) in brilliant red-orange and burgundy colourway. The colors shines and practically changes/glows in different lighting.

The wrap was soft and strong, as cotton can be, but had a fair amount of glide. I would almost say a bit too much glide given that my toddler was able to pop the seat of a fairly decent ruck TT (our standard go-to), but the truth is he had to work very hard to get there; this is a testament only to his toddler determination and not of the wrap qualities. We switched gears and went with a DH for further carries and a HJBC and he wasn’t able to make short work of those.
Fusion Coral of Vine came packed full of sleepy dust and won me over when I was able to achieve my first ever car nap – to -back wrap transfer to run some errands.  Whether a combination of things came along to create such a perfect storm for this wraper’s first triumphant transfer, Coral of Vine was part of that. The wrap never felt diggy and was comfortable for both baby and me. Although I hosted during our cold snap, it wasn’t too thick to consider for warmer Texas weather.
On the 7th day we met with the next host and took some photos of their initial ‘ups’ with Fusion Coral of Vine. I was sad to see it go.  I would easily recommend this wrap to others who are either new or experienced with wrapping. With enough grip to hold my hefty toddler and enough glide to make back passes a breeze, Fusion Coral of Vine was a pleasure to host and has had me eyeing Luluna wraps with more than just passing curiosity.

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