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Baby on Board

That’s correct, a sincerely longer than anticipated hiatus from the blog comes to a crashing hault with the the news of baby boy #2 on the way.
Pregnancy has been very different this time around and constant nausea, sickness, and exhaustion (growing baby or toddler? either could be the culprit here) have prevented me forging ahead as planned.

Never the less we are back and ready to fill your feed with all things toddler, pregnancy, new baby, expanding family, Texas life, babywearing, and creative based learning.
What you will see over the next two months as I prepare for baby’s arrival is a shift in focus and content on the site. You will find more resources,  structured information, stories, creative ideas, activities to do with the kiddos, more art posts (because that is my self care), and continuing babywearing posts.

We announced our second little one in early March. I used a program called RPG maker to create a ‘game” that revealed our good news at the end of a scripted sequence. Knowing that the vast majority of people would not take the time to ‘play’ the game, I recorded myself going through the game using a program called xsplit (local recording feature that saves the raw footage right to my computer). The ‘game’ was still quite long and I did as much editing as I thought I could get away with, but still it was a bit longer than I would have liked. We were sure to include our son Trent as the main character and it worked out just right.

As of this writing I am 31 weeks and creeping ever closer to baby’s arrival. The pregnancy has been fraught with sickness that I will talk about another time. The good news is that baby is doing well, measuring large, and I am under excellent care.

Life will  change for us yet again, and because of that so shall we.
A new chapter in our adventure is about to unfold. It is both terrifying and exciting.

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