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Demonstration – Bellywrapping: Sweetheart finish.

Bellywrapping during pregnancy is something that has helped me tremendously in coping with pelvic pressure, lower back pain, and abdominal pains.
Though different than belly binding, belly wrapping can be done in a number of ways from functional to stylish.

For this pregnancy I began wrapping the baby bump at approximately 24 weeks, much earlier than my first pregnancy.
This is my favourite way to belly wrap. It covers just the belly and lifts the heaviest part of the bump up off the lower anatomy.
The unsquishing of one’s bladder is priceless.

There are a number of ways these can be “finished” with varying degrees of flair.  I am still experimenting with various finishes.

The demonstration I am sharing today is how I do a “sweetheart” finish. This one is less supportive than some others but looks really nice and some moms even feel confident wearing this wrapping out and about!

I will have more posts about my bellywrapping trials and experimentation in the future as well as a review of the wrap used in the video, a Soul Slings 100% linen, Sangria wrap.

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