Ruck with Pregnancy Support Pass

Babywearing through pregnancy has turned out to be an unanticipated challenge. With a toddler whose independence I strongly encourage, the pains and aches of late third trimester, and the close-to-home nesting, the need to wear has dropped significantly.
This isn’t to say that we aren’t wearing at all. As an active member of a local babywearing group I have maintained the practice of wearing a few times per week. This practice keeps us close and helps quell a small number of the tantrums.
Challenges of wearing a toddler while pregnant have, for me, included a change in my center of gravity, trouble keeping the wrap high and tight, maintaining tension with multiple passes, anything that ties at the waist or under the baby bump, base size changes, and so on.
Recently we practiced a few variations of a basic ruck with the added pregnancy support pass.  I have done a few demos of these carry variations over the past few weeks that can be seen below.

Please be sure to share your own pregnancy tandem carries! I’ve got a few weeks left and I would love to try them.

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