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Gestational Diabetes: Tears and Tenacity

It was something I'd never heard of, a glucose test. Sounded easy enough. I had asked my doctor to test my glucose a couple of years before (I had gained a bunch of weight really quickly and it wasn't shedding despite hard work at the gym) and everything came back normal. I figured I would… Continue reading Gestational Diabetes: Tears and Tenacity

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Handmade Haul: Luxury Lane Soap

I just love when I get the chance to buy handmade goods from independent creators. As an artist myself I appreciate the chance to support freelance artists; this one in particular is a favourite and I highly recommend her stuff. The 'Whipped Soap Frosting' has become a staple in my bathroom since I tried it.… Continue reading Handmade Haul: Luxury Lane Soap

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Faded Jeans

*taken in Bucerias Mexico* I had another post scheduled but for some reason this one was more important to me today. One of the easiest things for me to 'take for granted' throughout my life has been friendships. That's not to say I take the people themselves for granted (though I would argue that there have been a… Continue reading Faded Jeans

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Mums and Roses

As we carefully watch our budget while still trying to make some improvements at home, we headed out today (on a Saturday - what were we thinking?) to look for a few items for our foyer. This also meant a couple of mums for the front porch. Eventually I'd love to get a couple of Adirondack… Continue reading Mums and Roses

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Welcome to the United States

 There's no shortage of movies and television shows perpetuating the myth of 'marrying for a greencard' in the United States. But what happens when you actually meet, fall in love with, and marry an American citizen? The answer is far more complicated and less glamorous than popular culture likes to portray. The reality for us is… Continue reading Welcome to the United States